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Recognizing the Governor’s Cup Participants

Building character and strengthening important values through Sports

Message delivered by

Eugene B. Holiday
The Governor of Sint Maarten

December 20, 2013

Members of the Board of the Sint Maarten Table Tennis Federation and Participants in the 2012 and 2013 Governor’s Table Tennis Cup,

A pleasant good morning to all of you.

And welcome to the Office of the Governor, Falcon Drive 3.

It is my pleasure to have you here to congratulate the Board of the Table Tennis Federation on organizing the Governor’s Cup and to recognize the players for their performances during the competitions as well as the parents present for supporting and encouraging the players. For me playing sports in general and table tennis in particular gives a great sense of enjoyment. But as I increase in years I have to reluctantly admit that it is easier to watch the game than to play. Just for the record, that does not mean that I have any doubt that I can hold my own against you guys.

This morning is we are here to highlight the accomplishments of the table tennis federation and the players through the Governor’s Cup. I will like to do so

• By first reemphasizing what I believe should be the objectives of the Tournament; and
• Second, by recognizing the federation and the players who competed in the tournament

The tournament was organized for the first time in 2012 on initiative of the past President Ms. Rita Panthoplet and Coach Radjouki  and I am pleased to support the initiative of the board of the federation. An initiative which the Current boar,d led by an ex-student and player under coach Radjouki namely the current president Mr. Alexander Gumbs, is carrying forward. As a lover of sports I am pleased to support the program but more so because of the positive impact of which sport have on the overall development of youngsters.  I therefore see the objectives of the Governor’s Cup as being the promotion of the overall development of our youth through table tennis. As a result I will like to use this moment to remind the players here this morning of the objectives of this Governor’s Cup. I advise you to continue participating in this table tennis tournament because; sports as a result of its physical nature and tactical and strategic requirements contribute to a strong and sound body as well as to a strong and sound mind. As a person who have been very active in sports both competitively and recreationally I know that sports help to build character and strengthen important values for your further lives. In this regard I wish to stress the following six values:

a. First, disciplined, sports reinforces self-control
b. Second, reliability, sports foster greater promptness and team work
c. Third, perseverance, sports builds determination
d. Fourth, self-confidence, sports strengthens confidence
e. Fifth, dedication, sports teaches the importance of hard work and preparation; and
f. Sixth, ambition helps to strive to achieve greater things for our society

All values which are essential to succeed in life and to creating better citizens and a better society. In seeking to foster these values among you our youth I am pleased to be associated with and to support this tournament. As a result I wish to congratulate you the Board on this initiative and on keeping this program going. And to the players who competed in the tournament in 2012 and this year I please to say that ever since I had my first practice session with you I have seen the quality of your table tennis game and skills improve. In that regards I am happy to say that while only one person can win the tournament I see a increasing winners attitude among all of you. Thus to all of you I extend my congratulations for making the tournament interesting and of a high quality. Having said that I wish all of you success in the strengthening of the six values I outlines and continued success with your table tennis activities.

With that I will like to recognize all of you this morning in the following ways:

a. First, I will like to ask all present to put your hands together for the board and all the participants in the Governor’s Cup and for their sportsmanship throughout  the 2012 and 2013 tournament.
b. Second, I will like to invite the third place winner, Juvanni Bruney, and the second place winner,  Shemar Arindell of the 2013 Governor’s Cup to come forward so that I can award them with a Governors’ pin.
c. Third, I will like to call the Winner of the 2012 Governor’s Cup, Rory Pantophlet, forward to recognize him with a Governors’ pin as the winner of the first tournament.
d. And Fourth, I herewith call on the Winner of the 2013 Governor’s Cup Andrew Gordon to come forward to present him with a Governors’ pin as the winner of the second tournament
e. And finally I will like to invite Mr. Alexander Gumbs, as the president of the SMTTF, to come forward to join me as I present a special award to the two winners for their achievements.

The special award has a monetary value of NAf.450. I am pleased to award each of you a monetary prize worth NAf.450 for your accomplishments as winners of the 2012 and 2013 Governor’s Cup, respectively. And in keeping with the objectives of the tournament the prize will go towards the following causes:

a. Naf125 as a contribution to you school fees towards your further development and education
b. NAf.125 as a contribution to the SMTTF towards the further development of your sport
c. NAf.200 as a contribution to the Crystal Home Foundation reflecting your chose to contribute to a good cause in our community

Once again congratulations to the Board and the players.
Thank you.