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Governor's Christmas Message 2018

My Fellow Sint Maarteners,

Marie-Louise and I extend warm Christmas greetings to you. May you experience the joy of the
enduring hope and renewing spirit of the birth of Christ.
As we gather with family and friends to celebrate Christmas and close the year, let us pause and
reflect on the well-being of our country. Let us as guardians of our nation, individually take time
out to reflect on the thoughts and actions which will lift us up as a Sint Maarten people. During
this special time of the year, we are reminded that the people of Sint Maarten, from generation
to generation, have tapped into and progressed on the Christmas gift of hope and renewal. As
we celebrate this Christmas let us be reminded that:

Christmas is God’s gift for every circumstance
A promise for a kinder and brighter world
May we be blessed this Christmas with the gift of Hope
And with grace exchange our gift one to the other
May we be blessed this Christmas with the gift of Renewal
And with kindness share our gift to strengthen others
For Christmas is as much about receiving gifts
As it is about giving of ourselves for the greater good

We must therefore be mindful of and helpful towards the less fortunate among us; towards
those of us without a job, towards those whose homes are still not repaired following hurricane
Irma or towards those of us in need. And as we do so it is important to recognize that as a
nation we continue to be tested; tested socially, environmentally, financially, economically and
politically. We must acknowledge that these are our collective challenges and that we can only
overcome them together.

As guardians of our nation, we – you and I – must as a result recommit ourselves to use our
Christmas gifts of hope and renewal, for the improvement of Sint Maarten. For, in receiving the
wonderful gift of Christmas, we have been entrusted with the responsibility to continue to
improve and shape a sustainable Sint Maarten society.

As we pursue the fulfillment of our obligation let us be grateful for the progress with which we
have been blessed thus far. Let us be inspired to increase our focus on our common interests.
Let us, as caring guardians of our nation, embrace the giving of ourselves to advance the
wellbeing of our society. Thus, as we celebrate the birth of Christ and come to the close 2018,
let us share our gifts, within our families, among our friends, with our neighbors, and for our

It is, in that spirit of giving, that Marie-Louise and I, wish you and your family a most blessed,
safe, hope-filled and renewing Christmas!
Thank you,
God bless you,
And May God bless Sint Maarten and protect its coast.

The Governor of Sint Maarten
Eugene B. Holiday